e-Learning Content

Practice-oriented online courses for self-directed learning

Soft skills, leadership, compliance… No matter the topic, use our practice-oriented, attractively designed standard courses or customized training units tailored to your individual needs to provide your employees with additional training.

Standard courses

Choose from over 200 courses on a variety of topics for targeted employee training, compulsory briefings, or voluntary education and qualification options.

Our standard libraries

  • Compliance
  • Health, safety and environment (HSE)
  • IT users
  • Management
  • Productivity and soft skills
  • Security skills
  • Technology
  • Finance and economics

Individual courses

In many cases, “off the rack” will not be enough to meet your individual training requirements, so we aim to come up with online courses and training units that are tailored to your needs as closely as possible. Naturally, this also includes adjusting the contents to your corporate identity.

Whether it’s product introduction, compliance, or soft skill training courses, we are here to make sure you achieve your training and qualification goals in a cost-effective, timely and successful way. This will save you time and money while also providing great results, as you will be benefitting from our extensive experience, which has allowed us to optimize our processes for efficient production.

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