ITS Assessment

A simple, fast, well-researched way to elevate your candidates’ and employees’ abilities, skills and expertise!

The full package for carrying out assessments

ITSR3 (the testing system) is a tool that can help you effortlessly organize, carry out, and automatically evaluate electronic assessments.

Use our ready-made test modules and start carrying out your own competence assessments right now.

Alternatively, ITSR3 and its many different task formats can be used to implement individual testing modules according to your needs.

Flexible organization according to your needs

Assessments for employee recruitment are often carried out at fixed times (with all candidates being tested at the same time) – or you can opt to hold exams at different times and in different locations.

The same applies to competence tests for your employees – any employee can take their test directly at their working space without being limited to a particular time window.

Preselecting candidates

The system offers an easy, fully automated way to test and analyze your candidates’ potential.

Employee support

Use neutral skill evaluation options to aid your decision-making process.

Objective evaluation

Get a clear picture of your employees’ abilities and weaknesses.

An App for integrating new Employees

Personnel recruitment made easy

Use the automatic, well-structured assessment evaluation functions in order to make quick, objective decisions.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us,
we are happy to support!

Targeted employee support

Take advantage of the evaluation to uncover knowledge gaps or identify potential areas for improvement.

Individual assessments tailored to your needs

Select the most suitable modules for your employees depending on the specifics of the position.

ITS Assessment modules


  • Typing
    transcription (keystrokes, error rate)
  • Logical thinking
    spatial reasoning, numerical series

Other competences

Your individual assessment modules

  • We are happy to implement your ideas and contents!
  • Or: We can provide coaching and ITS Editor, so that you can do it yourself.


  • Editing documents
  • Spreadsheet analysis
  • Creating presentations
  • Working with email programs
  • Information Worker
    Office assistant,
    Administrator, …
    Cross-section of competences:
    Spreadsheet analysis,
    Presentations & emails
  • Manager / Expert
    Executives, leaders, Employees with special functions
    Additional IT and
    MS Office Competences


Based on the Common
European Framework of
Reference for Languages

  • German A2-C1
    Elementary and independent user
  • German B1-C2
    Elementary and independent user
  • English A1-C1
    Elementary and independent user

For each segment:
listening/speaking, reading,
writing – grammar,
writing – vocabulary