An App for integrating new Employees

Digitalize your onboarding process – easily and efficiently, using onboard.

The challenge of onboarding

The integration of new employees presents a significant challenge for many companies. A lack of information and poor communication make effective integration very difficult and can even cause new employees to feel disoriented and unmotivated.

A professional onboarding process will make embarking on a new routine much easier for your new employees and lay a solid foundation for successful collaboration.

All necessary information ready to hand over

The “onboard” app keeps all the necessary information handy for employees – not just during their first weeks, but even during the preboarding phase, i.e., before they start working at your company. This will make them feel appreciated right from the start and make them feel motivated to be productive.

An overview of the benefits

  • All your information in one app
  • Focus on what really matters
  • Uniform channel of information
  • Increases employee motivation
  • Attractive depiction with adaptable templates
  • Increases trust and integration
  • Options for individualization via adaptable content and CI