Communication made easy

Short notices, passing on information sheets, announcing important dates or events: SchoolUpdate helps to facilitate communication between schools and teachers, parents, and students.

What is SchoolUpdate?

SchoolUpdate is the digital version of the classic parent notebook. Messages, information, and files can be easily distributed to parents or students via the web platform or mobile app. Checking signatures is a thing of the past – now you can simply receive electronic confirmations via SchoolUpdate. A simple way to make sure you stay in the loop – that’s SchoolUpdate.
Overview of the Functions
  • Messages (schools, teachers, parents and students)
  • Reporting and managing absences
  • Calendars and appointments
  • Recommendations / links
  • Homework and assignment files
  • Lists and surveys
  • Parents’ days
  • Emergency text messages

An overview of the benefits

  • Safety and data protection compliance; clearly traceable exchange of information
  • All relevant information, appointments, digital opportunities, support, etc. in one app
  • Communication across language barriers using automatic translation functions
  • Direct, efficient transmission of information – e.g., reporting absences, communicating postponements, sending emergency messages