Smart Safety Solutions by


Our solutions are comprehensive tools for safety and maintenance. Our software supports many prepared safety processes, but also gives you the opportunity to implement your own maintenance and safety issues. The flexibility gives your creativity, a lot of leeway and enables tailor-made solutions.

Data protection

PROVENTOR supports organizations of all sizes in the implementation of data protection according to GDPR. We deliver software that has been checked by experts, support you with individual activities, or take over the entire responsibility for data protection by external experts.

Fire prevention

PROVENTOR Fire Prevention generates personal tests or controls, enters the implementation in the safety log and manages any defects found or escalated to superiors if activities were not carried out on time.

Service management

Special guidelines from different industries make it necessary to carry out individual maintenance or checks. In addition to PROVENTOR‘s standard topics such as fire protection, property safety and data protection, our customers have the option of creating and documenting tailored maintenance and test catalogs.