School Administration System

A highly modern school administration for any type of school – available online at any time.

SOKRATES Student Administration

The SOKRATES school and student administration system can be used to organize a wide range of student data – from basic information, addresses, subjects, modules to a student’s entire performance and education history. This information can be comprehensively collected and analyzed using lists, forms, and tailored search functions. SOKRATES also provides an interface for extensively documenting education.

SOKRATES Staff Administration

From teacher data, addresses, forming teacher lists to other elements, including subject distribution, timetables, absence lists and substitutes – SOKRATES can support you in the efficient organization of a broad range of staff data. Additionally, the system offers functions for calculating activity rates and visualizing overtime statistics. Using universal output interfaces, this data can easily be processed in other electronic administration systems.

SOKRATES for Authorities

SOKRATES also offers a comprehensive administration system for authorities.

Reference date statistics and analysis as well as integrated authorization processed make SOKRATES a truly versatile school administration instrument.

Who is SOKRATES for?

This tool was developed for use in a variety of different school types and as a supporting instrument for education authorities in exchanging data and coordinating activities with schools. In Austria, the system is currently being used in the following schools:

  • Primary schools and special schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Polytechnic schools
  • Vocational schools
  • Agriculture and forestry schools
  • General education schools
  • Preschool education institutes
  • Social pedagogy institutes