Vocational Education

and Training

International projects with a broad variety of key course elements, such as tourism & hospitality, joinery, welding and many more have been realized by bit media’s strong and proven partnerships for educational development in the field of vocational education and training (VET). These projects range from school establishments to upgrades of already existing schools or vocational training centers, whichever is locally desired.

VWT by bit media – activities:

  • Customized vocational training and further education
  • Professional curriculum development
  • Taylor made Training of Teachers (ToT)
  • Technical Assistance by international experts

The Austrian VET System

Our best-practice approach is based on the Austrian VET system, which is classified as world class around the globe and combines cutting-edge methods with established education practices.

Innovative curricula and training delivery models, quality assurance for content and trainers as well as the transfer of international experience and know how to local stakeholders are only some of the key benefits delivered as part of our customized solutions. Successful implementation is further ensured by the strong involvement of our international partner network to strengthen experience and job perspectives.