• 300 off-the-shelf and customized e-learning course modules
  • customized migration of course modules in several languages
  • 27.000 client computers of the EC


  • European Union

  • 01/2009 – 01/2013

DIGIT – Provision of e-Learning Courses

European Commission

Customization of e-Learning Course Modules

The project aimed at providing off-the-shelf course modules, technical consultations, customization, and localization of e-learning course modules. The main focus was on standardizing the level of knowledge of several Microsoft Office products and the handling of electronic media by EC employees from various European countries. All contents were translated into several languages and set to audio with native speakers. Over the extent of 4 years, bit media provided an extensive portfolio consisting of various off-the-shelf and customized course modules to support e-learning and blended learning for EC employees.

The biggest challenge of this project was the sheer volume of learning content to be localized. Only excellent project management ensured the production of about 25000 illustrations and the translation and dubbing of about half a million words in professional quality.

Bernhard Panholzer, Head of Content Production
M.I.T e-Solutions Austria

With this project we attempt to contribute to the following SDGs directly:

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