• digital administration and e-government solutions for the labor market and social system
  • know-how, machines, equipment, and other technical features for TVET (metal and wood processing, hydro technology, ICT infrastructure, etc.)


  • Kyrgyzstan

  • 08/2019 – 10/2020

Feasibility Study “Opportunities for Technology Transfer from Austria to Kyrgyzstan in the Sphere of Labor and Social Protection”

Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Kyrgyzstan

The study was conducted in cooperation with the Kyrgyz Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MoLSD) and explores opportunities for technology transfer from Austria into the area of labor and social affairs. The overriding goal is to present current needs in the areas of technical vocational training and e-government mentioned by the MoLSD as precisely and concretely as possible and explore starting points for the use of Austrian technologies in these areas. Within the framework of the study, factual and practical starting points for Austrian technologies were developed for the planned expansion and development projects of the MoLSD. The study is intended to serve Austrian companies for project acquisition and as an incentive for the Kyrgyz government to cooperate with Austrian partners.

Thanks to the active cooperation with the relevant Kyrgyz authorities – we could identify concrete needs and requests for opportunities for technology cooperation between Austria and the Kyrgyz Republic in the fields of education, labor and social development.

Stefan Düss, Co-Owner & Managing Director
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