• Operation and maintenance of the platform
  • 20.000+ course enrolments per year
  • 8.000+ Civil Servants gain access to mobile micro learning content
  • Implementation of the SITOS learning management system


  • Austria

  • 09/2017- ongoing

Microlearning Platform for the City of Vienna

Municipal department 14, City of Vienna

Within this project, bit media implemented a software platform enabling the City of Vienna to offer modern “micro” learning, allowing them to easily prepare and host small learning content as well as to store and document each learner`s learning progress. The system was successfully implemented into the infrastructure and hardware of the customer‘s existing computer center (on the premises). Administrators and content developers of the client were trained by bit media to ensure efficient and effective future use of the system. As a first step, the Vienna administration academy integrated the LMS into its training programs. Subsequently other institutions of the City of Vienna will also access the MicroLearning platform. The system is expected to administer up to 8.000 users with approximately 24.000 learning processes each year.

The platform makes it possible to prepare and host learning content in small learning steps (microlearning) and to document the learner‘s progress. The learning steps are stored in the software and in all variants that appeal to the senses (videos, knowledge checks, etc.). The executability is guaranteed on all standard devices.

Sandra Brandner, Auth. Signatory, Head of Sales & MKT
M.I.T e-Solutions Austria

With this project we attempt to contribute to the following SDGs directly:

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