• Gamified learning experience for apprentices at the age 15+
  • Microlearning content library to improve skills in applied mathematics
  • Entertaining mathematical challenges


  • Austria

  • 08/2019 – 10/2020

Challenge Based Learning Applied Mathematics

Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce

Serious learning is more than a buzz word when it comes to the need to teach young people applied mathematics to master everyday calculations for career and general life. Learning works best, if examples are related to typical situations and the acquired skills are perceived as useful. Challenge based learning confronts users with challenging tasks and provides the learners with useful hints and short learning input. The aim of this project was to improve basic mathematical skills of job apprentices. Unfortunately, even after finishing school many young people are not able to solve every day mathematical calculations. This content supports this group of learners for their start in a new job and to deliver mathematical learning skills in an entertaining way.

Challenge based learning is a new pedagogical concept developed especially for young digital natives (Gen Z). The learners help the characters in this learning game to solve challenges by solving typical everyday calculations within the typical lifestyle of young people.

Bernhard Panholzer, Head of Content Production
M.I.T e-Solutions Austria

With this project we attempt to contribute to the following SDGs directly:

And indirectly:

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