• First online platform to track apprenticeship progress
  • Progress report shared with teachers and training supervisors
  • Communication platform beyond learning steps
  • Targeted at apprentices, teachers and apprentice supervisors


  • Austria

  • 11/2018 - 06/2020

Digital Apprenticeships

Tracking your apprenticeship online

The application Digital Apprenticeship tracks the skills-gain of apprentices during each year of their apprenticeship. This online platform enables apprentices to view their educational targets and keep track of their progress. Also, teachers and apprenticeship supervisors have access to these progress reports and are therefore well-informed regarding the learning/skill status of their students. In addition, teachers and apprenticeship supervisors can communicate with their apprentices within the application and can up and download learning materials.

The pilot project Digital Apprenticeship was scheduled from 10/2018 to 12/2019. The participants were vocational schools and companies that seek to visualize the learning progress of the apprentices and improve the communication between teachers, apprentices and companies throughout the apprenticeship.

Funded by Austrian Chamber of Commerce

This initiative, is one of the milestone projects in the digitalization of the Austrian education system. Through the results achieved within this project, we are able to make vocational education transparent for all education partners such as students, teachers and instructors, as well as parents and employers.

Wolfgang Schaffer, Co-Owner & Managing Director
M.I.T e-Solutions Austria

With this project we attempt to contribute to the following SDGs directly:

And indirectly:

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