Modernization of the Zanzibarian Education System through implementation of ICT and Capacity Building

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania

Improvement of the overall pedagogical approach and educational standards in all VTCs, Primary and Secondary school institutions and enabling a cost and time efficient workflow. New forms of learning through additional channels of communication, interaction, and overall learning.

The project targets all educational institutions (500+) in the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. Thus, teachers and students in those educational institutions all over Zanzibar can be reached and the overall standards greatly improved.

The project consists of 3 Components:

Component I – E-learning management system (LMS) – For Digital/Virtual Learning Environment

Within this project, the Learning Management System (LMS) will be made available for all existing and future schools in Zanzibar under MoEVT (No user or time limit).

E-learning management system

  • cost and time efficiency with broad geographical outreach

Provision of ICT e-learning courses

  • to equip all target groups of the project with the skills necessary to use new ICT tools

Provision of Authoring tool

  • allows efficient and easy-to-use content creation for all educational institutions

Component II – Human Resources Development and Capacity Building

Adequate training of staff is key to the successful implementation of the new systems installed for sustainability and independent usage of systems.

A selected number of “Master Trainers” will be entrusted with certain responsibilities and will receive training from Austrian experts for enabling a multiplier effect.

Component III – Physical hardware structure

Appropriate and up-to-date hardware will be made available to ensure institutions can make the most of the new e-learning and management systems.

  • 30 eLibraries in selected schools in Zanzibar that will also be used for Human Resources Development.


  • General Contractor & Overall Project Management
  • 1060 persons receive extensive training
  • Provision of e-education software (Learning Management System, ICTS basics e-contents, e-Authoring tool)
  • Adaption and Localization of e-education software into Swahili
  • Training of client’s staff and 50 Master Trainers on the e-education systems for multiplier effect
  • Hard- and Software procurement and quality checks
  • Equipment supply for 30 eLibraries in selected pilot schools in Zanzibar
  • Maintenance and support period of 60 months for sustainability


  • LOCATION: Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania (URT)
  • DATE: 03/2024 – ongoing

With this project, we attempt to contribute to the following SDGs directly:

And indirectly:

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